Website care is the solution you’ve been searching for!

Tired of trying to maintain your site? Getting a website care package, allows you to get back to doing the things you love and not having to worry about the tech side of having a website.

Care Packages

Choose a plan that fits your site needs best.

All plans have a $25 setup fee.

Website Care 1

Security & Updates

Keeping your site  secure and updated is CRITICAL! Most sites are not secure and they don’t even realize it. Let’s make sure that this isn’t you. This is included in all packages!

Website Care 2

Top Notch Performance

All plans include basic optimization for image sizes and file cleanup of old revisions that can slow down your site. Plus and Premium plans also include Performance tests for site speed and more.

Website Care 3

Best Value

Having a care package can save you so much time and money. Keeping your website secure can save hundreds on repairs. Saving time frees you up to do what you love with the people you love !


Security is taken care of

One of the biggest benefits of having a website care package is that you no longer have to worry about website security; it’s taken care of for you!

Full Site Remote Backups

Full site backups are stored remotely in a shared Drive folder so that they are seperate from your hosting server. This ensures you never lose your site!


Monthly Reports

Every month you will receive a report on all that was done for your site during that month. Keeping you in the loop!

Performance Tests**

Included in the plus and premium packages. Performance tests are monthly, or after any site changes, with suggestions to improve. Testing includes site speed and more.

Weekly Minor Updates**

Included in the plus and premium packages. Every week I will do minor updates (price changes, specials, blog uploads). This does not include any design work or large updates.

Updates are done for you

An outdated plugin could be used as a backdoor to hack your site. With our packages, updates are taken care of!

Daily database backups

Along with having your full site backed up weekly, daily database backups are done as well. Again, assuring that you never lose your site!

Support for Site Issues

If you have any issues with your site or questions, I am available during business hours for phone, video conferencing, or email support. 

Spam Comment Removal**

Included in the plus and premium packages. Removal of spam comments each week. The first month, may have an additional fee depending on backlog of spam comments. 

Hourly Design Retainer **

Included in the plus (1hr) and premium (3hrs) packages. This is for any design work or large updates. Having a retainer keeps your site updated and worry free. All updates/ design work is done with SEO in mind!

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