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Below are some examples of the projects that have completed. More coming soon!

Branding Client + website coming soon

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Branding + Web Design Client

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Web Design Client

I cannot say enough about Autumn. She designed an incredible website for my business. I was clueless when I booked her services and she understood what I wanted better than I did. Amazing customer experience as well. Totally worth the investment.

Natane Montandon

Instagram Strategist, Natane Montandon

Branding + Web Design Client

My Portfolio 5

Evans Desk and Design is wonderful. Very knowledgeable of all aspects of her business. One of the most important things is her willingness to help and explain details. Be sure to consider having a call to see if they are a fit for your professional needs

Kim Nicholson

Owner, Signature Stager

Partial Website Design + Website Care Client

Autumn has helped transform my website into something that I am proud of. Before it was a mess, and now things are organized and easy for my customers to navigate. Whatever I have asked she has come through. I recommend her to anyone. She is organized, gives helpful advise, and is there to help you when needed. Thanks so much Autumn!

Tiffany Major

Owner, Tiffany's Custom Boutique

Branding + Website Design and Website Care Client

My Portfolio 6

We love the website design and logo that was done for Amazing Grace Ministries by Evans Desk and design. We have not had a really nice one before. We have had so many compliments and responses to it. I highly recommend this web design company.


Amazing Grace Ministries

Branding + Website Design (My own)

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