Autumn Evans

Strategic brand and website designer

tech guru | wife | mom | teacher

I partner with service providers that are ready to clarify their brand and website to turn heads and increase profits.

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Well, it’s starting. You got bit by the bug to get that website and logo you have always dreamed of. 

And whether that was a few days ago or last year, as service providers, it’s so easy to get buried by helping everyone else. In fact, it happens to the best of us—because YOU’RE the amazing service provider thats always helping your clients not to mention, the ideas person (and these days, the ALL the ideas person, #AllTheThings).

You were told “if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life” … so you are. But you know it takes more than sheer love of your business to pay the bills—it takes sales and lots of them.

Oh, and, you hear that? That’s all the chatter you’re competing with, because it’s easier than EVER to start a service business.

this is where I come in.

your one stop spot for strategic brand and website development, website care, and hosting for service providers like you.

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The story of


My love for all things techie and in the online space began in high school when I took a HTML/CSS class. You know, back in the days of MySpace. I loved applying what I learned in class to customizing my profile and helping my friends do the same. That’s how it all started.

I studied Business Management: Digital Marketing and Advertising at Liberty University. In the past, I excelled with MLM companies but I have always desired to have something that is truly 100% mine.

These days, I’m a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom. My husband, Matt and I, have two boys, a preteen and an infant. Needless to say my home is full of lots of love (and chaos). Such a blessing after years of struggling with infertility and recurrent loss!

I decided to start my business after starting the Dave Ramsey baby steps to get out of debt. ‘Cause student loans and credit card debt are no joke! I’m thrilled that Evans Desk and Design came to life.


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Branding backed by strategy and fueled by passion. Get the brand that will turn heads and open wallets.

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Strategic website design that creates an amazing client experience. Bringing beauty strategy, and functionality together.

website care packages wordpress evans desk and design custom brand and website


Have peace of mind that your website is secure, updated, and functioning 24/7 with a website care package that fits your website needs.

The inside scoop…

Creating a website with Autumn was so easy and simple! I never worried about my final product and I was confident she would create a website I would love! My favorite part was seeing my branding and logo come to life after my website was created. I really loved how you didn’t change all of the revisions I requested. If I requested something that wouldn’t make my website or branding better, you let me know!

Alexa, Alexa Jeanne VA

Autumn has helped transform my website into something that I am proud of. Before it was a mess, and now things are organized and easy for my customers to navigate. Whatever I have asked she has come through. I recommend her to anyone. She is organized, gives helpful advise, and is there to help you when needed. Thanks so much Autumn!

Tiffany, Tiffanys Custom Boutique

Evans Desk and Design is wonderful. Very knowledgeable of all aspects of her business. One of the most important things is her willingness to help and explain details. Be sure to consider having a call to see if they are a fit for your professional needs.

Kim, Signature Stager

She takes the time to help you understand how the “behind the scenes” work happens so you really know the value you are getting from her vast knowledge. Not to mention her artistic talent! Thank you Autumn Evans for all your help and support as I grow my business. Worth every penny!

Suzy, Wraines Wellness

I knew that it was time to market my business on a larger scale, and luckily, I didn’t have to look any further than Autumn Evans Desk and Design.  Autumn produces quick results, she’s responsive, and her web design/development skills are top-notch.  I was looking for a solid company that provided affordable and quality services, and I found it right here!  A+

LaSaundra, Your Virtual Agent

Autumn did an amazing job helping Gloria Witt and I pull together our dreams of helping women thrive. She took us through a well designed process that resulted in a beautiful brand, logo and webpage ( Her past experience as a teacher also came in handy as she helped us quickly understand how to use our website and Google Analytics – no easy task!! I cannot speak more highly of her professionalism, skills and positive attitude. Truly a dream maker!!!

Jackie, Amplify Joy

FIVE STARS! I love my new website design!!! It was a pleasure to work with Autumn. She knows her business of online marketing and branding! The customer service was outstanding. If there were any revisions, they were quickly made

Eva Johnson, Institute for Non-Profit Services

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